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"If You Wanna Know" The Dull-Eyed Llamas

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/thedulleyedllamas

Purchase from:   http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dellamas

IF YOU WANNA KNOW is DEL's first studio recording. The Dull-Eyed Llamas are an eclectic pop band with influences as diverse as klezmer, punk, jazz and folk. Fascinated by different musical genres, songwriter Ariel Brink constantly attempts to expand on the band’s colourful sound, an ambition aided by the presence of an accordionist and saxophonist. His catchy songs are upbeat, soulful, irreverent and intelligent—sometimes all four at once—and range in subject from traditional tales of love to songs about rocks, religion, thunderstorms, alcohol and jam.

Ariel Brink was already a seasoned singer/songwriter when he joined forces with guitar virtuoso and bassist Avital Zemer in August of 2005. As MurMur, they played in cafes around Toronto, delighting audiences with their unusual lyrics and upbeat sound. Despite Brink's repeated inability to recognize her, award-winning drummer Lorie Wolf joined the band in early 2007. The talented Mike Landoni added tenor sax (and clarinet and flute) to the mix in October of that year, and the band played their first gig as “The Dull-Eyed Llamas”. Finally, entranced by harmonies at a Concord Café gig, accordionist-about-town Ronen Segal joined the crew in April of 2008.

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"Sheynville Express" Sisters of Sheynville

Official Website: www.sistersofsheynville.ca

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...they've constantly electrified audiences wherever they've gone...a band dedicated to making joyful music!" ..."beautiful singing and harmonies...they can light up a studio with their musical joie de vivre..."
(Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf, The Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 2007

"...unique music!..." (Mary Dickie, Toronto Sun)

"...wildly successful" (Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, The Wholenote Magazine, Nov. 2006)

After 4 busy years of performing in Canada as well as the U.S., the Sisters of Sheynville, Toronto's premier all-female swing-klez band, have released their debut album (produced by Beyond The Pale's Eric Stein) to instant critical acclaim. This is a very exciting time for the band! Feedback from music industry friends and insiders could not be more positive... At this time, several intriguing artistic collaborations are being pursued, suggesting a very busy 2008. The band is looking forward to touring their new CD at home and abroad, as well as launching interesting new projects with other artists. Stay tuned! 

"The Lithuanian Empire" The Lithuanian Empire

Official Website: thelithuanianempire.com

Purchase from: http://cdbaby.com/cd/lithuanianempire

In the heart of creating a spiritual fusion of sound, The Lithuanians have combined forces to put fresh spins on tunes while still maintaining their traditional klezmer mother tongue: pickled herring, bagels & lox, and kugel meet Led Zeppelin, margaritas, and Nils Landgren to make beautiful harmonies on the streets of Harlem--make that Vilnius.

What began as a casual jam session at a KlezKanada in the summer of 2005, The Lithuanian Empire has evolved into a contagiously energetic and innovative band. The band's unique composition of members spans from East, West, and Central Canada; the Appalachian Mountains, and the Capital of the United States. Members come from a variety of musical backgrounds, and each adds their unique perspective to the music. Some received classical training at the finest institutions in North America, while others are highly respected and sought-after freelance musicians. What all members share is a deep love of klezmer, and the creativity and drive to take this traditional music in new directions.