Hello Moms and Babies!
Welcome to the the Hebrew-English sing and play group. Here are some details to get you started:

At our sing and play group, our goals are to:
-Meet new moms in our neighbourhood
-Expose our babies to singing, movement and musical instruments
-Expand our Hebrew vocabulary through song, and pass it on to our babies
-Have a repertoire of beautiful Hebrew and English music to share with our loved ones for playtime, bedtime and anytime!
I provide:
-Song sheets with Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew and English translation to take home;
-Musical accompaniment on guitar, ukulele or percussion; 
-Instruments for moms and older babies.

If you have a ukulele want to learn the chords to the songs, please bring it along.  I also offer private and group ukulele lessons.

We will round off our session with some fun English songs too, so we can all be singing together right away.  As we go along through the sessions, we can tailor our time together to lean more towards one language or another, depending on our needs.

Tell all your friends! For each referral, I offer you a $10 discount.

If you have any questions, please contact me at loriewolf1@yahoo.com
See you then!