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"Lorie Wolf has created…very evocative music to a very evocative story…the jazz playing is so incredible...(she) has done a wonderful job creating these pieces of music that just meld into the story with an A list of musical friends"

-Laurie Brown, Host, "The Signal" CBC Radio 2

"Lorie Wolf has a unique combination of creative passion, devotion to her craft,
and personal charisma...I support her in all her ventures, and I am confident
that she will fulfill her dreams..."

George Koller, Toronto Bassist (Holly Cole, Joe Sealy)

"Lorie Wolf ... has a solid groove, can cover a wide range of styles, has a wide
range of sounds in her palette, and she's all about the music."

Aaron Alexander, New York Drummer (Hasidic New Wave, Frank London)

"Lorie Wolf is a talented and enthusiastic drummer...
she plays the instrument musically and with authority."

Ted Warren, Toronto Drummer (Bernie Senensky Septet, Alex Dean Quintet,  Kieran Overs Octet)

"Lorie has music in her soul! It doesn't matter what I throw at her, she has an
intuitive sense of groove...and she plays with a unique sense of style and taste
that makes the music come alive."

Margaret Stowe guitarist/bandleader

"Lorie Wolf has shown a tremendous drive to gather experience and knowledge
on the drums.....Always willing to learn, she is a hard worker with solid potential. She is blossoming into a fine writer as well as shown by her
unique compositions."

Mark Kelso, Toronto Drummer and Humber College Percussion Head (Holly Cole, Montuno Police, Gino Vanelli)

"This (The Lithuanian Empire) is a band to watch! Great young players,
interesting, complex compositions and arrangements, and an aesthetic which,
though rooted in klezmer music, draws on many sources to create a fresh,
exciting, and unique hybrid that makes me want to dance and laugh and think
at the same time. "

Aaron Alexander, New York Drummer (Hasidic New Wave, Frank London)

(re: Shaw Rocket Festival Presentation)

"I really TRULY could not have done it without you. It was a real hit tonight -
thank you for all your hard work. I know you went WAY above and beyond the
call of duty to make this all come off. And that showed in how well the kids did."

Sheena Robertson, LTTA co-ordinator, Shaw Rocket Festival

"Congratulations on the amazing performance that the Ryerson students
put forth at the Shaw Rocket prize awards night. They were such an
enthusiastic start to that section of the evening; the room was filled with their
energy.  Thanks so much for your contributions to the Shaw project. The
producers of the "Make Some Noise" show were thrilled with your efforts. It
really brought the program to life in musical form on stage. Your students should
feel so proud of their accomplishments.
Thanks and good wishes"

John Scully, LTTA New Media Coordinator


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